Chelsea to Satan: Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Satan. Your friend, Chelsea Clinton

QUESTION: What if Donald Trump tweeted David Duke and the KKK and wished them a Happy New Year?

Does Chelsea Clinton wear an upside down cross as a Satanic symbol? No, she does not. Did Chelsea Clinton tweet the Church of Satan on last January 2 and wish them a “Happy New Year.” Yes, she did.

Did the Church of Satan tweet back, wishing the Clinton’s a Happy New Year, too. Yes, they did. Then came the backlash from Twitterville.

Oh goodness gracious. We can be civil, cheerful, respectful to & friends with people who don’t share our religious beliefs.

— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) January 3, 2018

A former vice presidential candidate chimed in, along with others:

Nope. Sadly, this is not a joke.

— Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) January 4, 2018

@ChelseaClinton Like mother like daughter. Caught lying and you continue lying.
You tweeted a message to the Church of Satan on New Year.

— mzaz (@mzaz86442) January 5, 2018

(WiccaLeaks: “Let’s all give a shoutout and hugs and kisses to SahTAHN. What could possibly be wrong with that, people? If you are the Clintons, nothing. Love. Peace. Dove. Happy New Year, Devil.)

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